Our Vision

To assist our clients in resolving any legal issues they may have, regardless of their walk of life.

Our Mission

To provide relief to our clients, by providing dependable legal advice at all levels.

About Us

Neem Legal was established in the year 2014, by Advocate Shobha H.K. Our Law Firm offers you all of the services that the legal sector requires and strives to preserve the interests of its clients. Driven by passion, Advocate Shobha has been providing legal services for the past 19 years. And today Neem Legal has become a synonym for Advocate Shobha H K.

At the early stage of her career, working with Advocate Ganga Bai during 2002 gave her the confidence of establishing her own legal firm. However, she wanted to groom herself and worked with various other advocates and retired judges. For the past 19 years, Shobha H K and her team have been resolving cases across various legal matters.

Neem Legal is built with the concept of “Neem” being the solution for various ailments, thus Neem Legal is the one-stop solution for various legal matters. Supporting clients getting the justice they deserved while listening to their experiences and empathizing with them are the essential part of our success.

  • Family Matters
    • Divorce
    • Domestic Violence
    • Custody of Child
    • Dowry Harassment
    • Family Counselling
  • Labour
    • Industrial Tribunal
    • Labour Court & Employee Matters
  • Criminal Matters
    • Cheque Bounce
    • IPC Cases
    • Cyber Crime
  • Corporate & Firms
    • Deeds & Registration
    • NDA, Offer Letters, Agreements, MoU & MoA
    • NCLT
  • Real Estate & Property
    • Declaration Suit & Possession
    • Injunction suit
    • Khatha
    • Lease / Rental agreements
    • Legal Opinion & verification
    • Litigation
    • Partition suit
  • Others
    • Money Recovery Suit
    • Notices & Replies
    • Motor Vehicle Accident Cases
    • Documentation
    • Defamation
    • Consumer Forum Cases

Her Dream

Dream behind a dream’, her father has been the driving force behind her for becoming a successful Advocate with humane charm, a respectful aura, and a beautiful mind.

She is determined to uplift LGBT & Transgenders community by providing key life skills & jobs. Her efforts as an advocate are to unify different groups and build a more equitable society by using her voice as a power source. Also, build an old age home that is more than just a care facility; it is a family for senior folks, full of love, laughter, and live life to the fullest

Our Story

Today Neem Legal is immensely growing and helping people to put their lives back on track by providing right Legal services. Since the day she started on her own, it was a dream come true to the founder – Advocate Shobha H K.