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MN service Providers has been offering Structural Glazing and cladding for building for Building exteriors since 2007.

We approached Ms. Shobha H K of M/s. Shobha H.K. Advocate to fulfil our need of Legal Criminal Case to file of nonpayment from one of our clients. That case was handled by other advocate but that case was not field and we did not get any feedback on it, Ms. Shobha  taken in action and field  the case and found that advocate is fake and he is  not having any ID of advocate simply he is taken money from us and cheated, We are satisfied with the cost effective solution provided by her and legal expertise/subject knowledge on legal sections the way she analyzed the facts and offered the various options, quick response and professional approach to solve the problems.

Ms. Shobha HK demonstrated expertise in understanding our needs and speed in response. She was targeted to complete the task on hand in a professional manner within our budget.

We hereby highly recommend Ms. Shobha H.K. Advocate, for all legal advice.

For M N Service providers,

Irudaya Raj John Y.R.

Founder & CEO